How do I setup my iHealth Lite Scale?

iHealth Lite Scale

Setting up your iHealth Lite Scale

Remove the yellow tab found underneath the scale to activate the four 1.5V AAA batteries inside. 

Then, follow these steps to ensure that your scale is connected to the Noteworth App, and that the date, time, and readings synchronize correctly:

Make sure Bluetooth is toggled to ON in your mobile device Settings (How to enable Bluetooth for  iOSAndroid).

Launch the Noteworth App and tap the Weight section on the homescreen.

Tap the scale with your foot to power it on, and hit the START button on your mobile device screen. The scale will instantly connect to the Noteworth App. 

Step onto the scale. Once you step on, it will begin measuring your weight.

Fill in a few contextual details, and hit Save to complete your reading.

Note: To enter your weight manually, hit the plus sign (+) in the top right corner, and select the Manual Entry option below the Start button.

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