How do I setup my Misfit Flash (or Shine)?

What comes with my Misfit Flash (or Shine)? 

  • Misfit Flash (or Shine)
  • Sport Band
  • Clasp
  • Battery (already included)
  • Quick Start Guide (in the Manuals pack in your Noteworth box)

Setting up your Activity Tracker

The Noteworth App will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your activity tracker. But first make sure to take care of a few steps. 

To begin setup, go to your smartphone’s Settings, and make sure your Bluetooth is toggled to ON (enable Bluetooth for  iOSAndroid).

Then, open the Noteworth App.

Tap the Activity section, and follow the on-screen instructions

Begin setup by choosing your personal activity level goal.

Wake up your Misfit Flash by pressing the top of the device. You will know that it has turned on when the dots around the perimeter start to blink red.

The Noteworth App will automatically search for your Misfit Flash (or Shine), and sync with it.

And now, you're ready to begin using your Misfit Flash (or Shine) to track your step count, exercise activities and sleep!

For all future activity readings...

As you wear the Misfit Activity tracker it will automatically record your steps and sleep within the tracker. When you want to sync those reading into the Noteworth app simply go into:

  1. Your phone Settings, toggle Bluetooth to ON.
  2. Open the Noteworth App.
  3. Tap the Activity section on the home screen.
  4. The lights on your Misfit Flash should begin turning on, going in a circle, to indicate that it is syncing.
  5. Momentarily, you should be able to see your updated information logged in their respective graphs and histories. This can take up to a few minutes. 

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