How do I setup my iHealth Glucometer?

What is included with my iHealth Glucometer kit?

Your glucometer kit will include:

  • glucometer
  • charging cable
  • 2 bottles of test strips
  • lancing device with lancets
  • clear cap for the lancing device to perform alternate site testing for the palm, forearm, upper arm, calf, or thigh
  • accessories pouch to neatly hold all of your blood glucose testing materials in one place

Preparing your lancing device

Please make sure that you wash your hands prior to starting to use your glucometer for the best results.

Before you can take your first blood glucose reading, we must first prepare your lancing device, found in the Accessories pouch. Follow the instructions below:

Note: The lancet can be used multiple times before it becomes dull and needs to be replaced. To dispose of a dull lancet, remove the cap of the lancing device and hold it over a wastebasket or sharps container. Slide the disposer button toward the lancet to release.

Now that your lancing device has been loaded and is ready to use, let's connect your glucometer and activate your test strips. You can follow the guided instruction in the Noteworth App as well as use the steps below to help. 

Connecting your iHealth Glucometer and activating test strips

  1. Make sure your glucometer is charged. If it is not, then charge it before taking a reading.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for three (3) seconds to turn the glucometer on.
  3. Toggle Bluetooth to ON in your mobile phone Settings (How to enable Bluetooth for iOSAndroid).
  4. Select "Go to Settings". Connect to the device in your Bluetooth settings. The name of the device will include "BG5." Tap this option to pair the device to your mobile phone.
  5. Re-launch the Noteworth App, and tap the Blood Glucose section on the home screen to connect. On the glucometer, the Bluetooth symbol will flash and remain lit once it's connected with the app.

  1. Locate the QR code on the top of the iHealth Test Strip bottle, and hold it up to your phone's camera to be scanned.
  2. Tap OPEN to activate your strips. This will begin a 90-day countdown for you to use this bottle of test strips before they expire.
  3. There are 25 test strips in each bottle. When you have used the last strip or if they have expired, simply tap SCAN NEW STRIPS to scan a new bottle to begin another 90-day countdown.
  4. Learn how to purchase more test strips. Never use expired test strips.

Insert a test strip into the glucometer with the contact area facing towards you.
Get your lancing device, and place it against your fingertip. Push the button to prick your finger. Gently squeeze your fingertip to form a small droplet of blood.
Hold the glucometer at an angle and gently scoop the tip of the test strip to your blood drop until the Noteworth App automatically begins recording your reading.
You will be asked to manually input a few additional pieces of information that your doctor will need, such as if you took your insulin or other medication, mood, how this reading relates to a meal and what activity you were doing right before taking the reading. Once you're finished, tap SAVE to complete your first reading!

Dispose of the test strip by holding the glucometer over a wastebasket and slide the eject button on the back of the device to release the test strip.

Sterilize the lancet with rubbing alcohol after each use.

All Following Readings

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. In your mobile phone's Settings, toggle Bluetooth to ON.
  3. Launch the Noteworth App and tap the Blood Glucose section of the home screen. Now, the glucometer will automatically connect.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin taking a blood glucose reading.
  5. Dispose of the test strip and sterilize your lancet after your reading has been completed.

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