How do I setup my iHealth Feel BP5 arm cuff?

  • Monitor with velcro armband
  • Travel bag
  • Charging cord
  • Owners manual (in the Manuals pack in your Noteworth box)
  • Quick start guide (in the Manuals pack in your Noteworth box)

Tips for successful blood pressure readings

  • Take your reading on the same arm each time.
  • Stay still and calm for about a minute and a half before taking a blood pressure reading. 
  • Blood pressure can be affected by the position of the device and your physiologic condition. It is very important that you keep your elbow and forearm on a flat/sturdy surface.
  • Providing the additional context to your readings, such as your mood or activity level, helps your doctor understand exactly how you are doing and what other factors may be involved with a particular reading.

Setting up your iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is toggled to ON in your phone's Settings (How to enable Bluetooth for iOS, Android).
  2. Press the yellow START/STOP button on the device to turn on your iHealth BP5 blood pressure cuff. You’ll see the device blink as you turn it on.
  3. Connect to the device in your Bluetooth settings. The name of the device will include "BP5." Tap this option to pair the device to your mobile phone.
Once your phone and device have been connected, follow the instructions below to take your first reading. 
Pairing your BP Monitor

Taking your first blood pressure reading

Tap the Blood Pressure tab on Noteworth App’s home screen.

Noteworth Home Screen

You've already connected your BP5 device in your Bluetooth settings. Now make sure that the blood pressure cuff is turned on and you are able to see the blue Bluetooth symbol in the display. The Noteworth app will successfully then connect the device.

Let's get ready!

Make sure that you are in a seated and comfortable position with both feet on the floor. Do not cross your legs.             

Noteworth Home Screen

Noteworth Home Screen

Place your arm through the cuff's armband and position the display and armband on your upper arm. With your palm facing up, make sure that the display is firmly in the middle of your arm (width wise). See illustration. 

Position the cuff so that you are leaving 1 inch or two fingers width from the inside of your elbow crease to the start of the cuff's armband. Place your elbow and forearm on a flat surface and gently relax your arm. 

Noteworth Home Screen

Noteworth Home Screen

Now that you have your arm cuff in the right position, tighten the armband. Make sure the armband is firmly around your upper arm, keeping 2 fingers space between your arm and the band.     

When finished the display monitor should be in position at heart level for the most accurate reading.

Noteworth Home Screen

Noteworth Home Screen

Once the device is connected to the app and the arm cuff is in the correct position, the “Press to Start” button will appear filled in green. Tap the “Press to Start” button to begin your reading.

Stay still and do not talk during measurement. Do not move your arm or body. Once your reading is complete, your results will automatically sync to the app and be displayed.

Noteworth Home Screen

You will be asked to manually input a few additional pieces of information that your doctor will need, such as your mood, and what activity you were doing right before taking the reading, then tap SAVE to complete your first reading!

Hooray! You just completed your first reading!
Noteworth Home Screen

For all subsequent blood pressure readings...

  1. In your mobile device's Settings, toggle Bluetooth to ON.
  2. Open the Noteworth App, and tap the Blood Pressure section on the home screen. Your blood pressure monitor will automatically connect.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to make sure you're positioned correctly and to begin measurement.

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