What do the lights on my Misfit Flash (or Shine) mean?

Understanding your Misfit Flash (or Shine)

The circular front display of the Misfit activity tracker is a clickable button. When you press the button, you will feel a click and the red lights on the outside of the front display will flash on. The number of red lights shown indicates your current progress towards the goal you and your doctor have set for you (i.e. More Active, Active, or Less Active). 

The lights can also be an indication of time. 

Here's more details on what those lights mean when looking at progress and when looking at time: 

4 red lights – 25% progress 12,3,6,9 reference lights
7 red lights – 50% progress  
10 red lights—75% progress  
12 red lights—100% progress

Watch the video below to view the different on your tracker between the lights that indicate progress and the lights that indicate the time.

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