How can I tell if my Misfit (or Shine) is connected to the Noteworth App?

Lightly press on the face of your Misfit activity tracker, until the red dots appear. Open the Noteworth App, and the activity tracker will automatically begin to connect.

As your activity tracker is connecting, a symbol will appear next to Activity on the homescreen: two green double arrows in the shape of a circle. If the symbol is rotating, your activity tracker is still connecting. Once it has finished connecting, the symbol will stay still.

After your activity tracker has finished connecting, tap Activity to view your steps and sleep information. 

Pairing your BP Monitor

If the arrow symbol has turned grey, your activity tracker has disconnected from the Noteworth App. It should automatically begin to re-connect. If it is not re-connecting, learn how to pair it again.

Pairing your BP Monitor

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