How do I setup my pulse oximeter?

Tips for successful oxygen saturation readings

  • Take your reading on the same finger each time.
  • Stay still and calm for about a minute and a half before taking an oxygen saturation reading. 
  • Some factors that may affect a reading are cold hands, weak pulse, hand movements, fingernail polish, and acrylic nails. 
  • Providing the additional context to your readings, such as your mood or activity level, helps your doctor understand exactly how you are doing and what other factors may be involved with a particular reading.

Setting up your Pulse Oximeter Device 

    1. Make sure Bluetooth is switched to ON in your phone's Settings (How to enable Bluetooth for  iOS,   Android).
    2. Press the START button on the device to turn on your iHealth Pulse Oximeter Device. You’ll see the device blink as you turn it on. 
    3. Connect to the device in your Bluetooth settings. The name of the device will include "PO3M." Tap this option to pair the device to your mobile phone.Once your phone and device have been connected, follow the instructions below to take your first reading. 

Taking your first Oxygen Saturation reading


Tap the Oxygen Saturation tab on the Noteworth App's home screen.   

Open the clamp of the pulse oximeter, 
display side facing up. Next, place the 
middle, ring, or index finger of your left hand into the rubber opening of the pulse oximeter with the nail side down. It is important that the nail side be facing down or the reading will not be accurate

Lightly press the start button on the front of the screen to start.

Make sure that the pulse oximeter is on and you are able to see the blue Bluetooth symbol in the middle of the monitor. The Noteworth app will successfully then connect the device.   

Keep your finger still while the reading is being taken. Once the SpO2 and bpm numbers show up on the screen, remove your finger to complete your reading. (Want to know what sPO2 and bpm are? Click here to find out)

You will be asked to manually input a few additional pieces of information that your doctor will need, such as your mood and what activity you were doing right before taking the reading. After choosing, tap save to complete your first reading!  

A final screen with past reading history will appear after your reading is complete. There will be no past data the first time a measurement is taken. To return to the Noteworth App Home Screen to start another reading, click the home icon in the upper left hand corner. 

For all future oxygen saturation readings: 

  1. In your mobile device's Settings, switch Bluetooth to ON.
  2. Open the Noteworth App, and tap the Oxygen Saturation section on the home screen. Your pulse oximetry device will automatically connect. 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to make sure your finger is positioned correctly and begin measurement.

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