What is a clarity partner?

What is a Clarity Partner?

We know that staying healthy can be work, but it’s easier when someone is encouraging and motivating you along the way. Your Clarity Partner is a close friend or family member that you choose who will encourage you to achieve your health goals by keeping you accountable to the health program agreed to by both you and your doctor.

If you have been inactive on the Noteworth App for one week your Clarity Partner will be sent an email encouraging them to remind you to track and log your health activity.

Add a Clarity Partner today to better ensure you stay on track with your health goals!

How to Add a Clarity Partner

Tap the Clarity Partner section on the home screen.

  1. Enter your desired Clarity Partner's first and last name
  2. Add their email address
  3. Enter their mobile phone number*
  4. Double-check that the information entered is correct
  5. Tap SAVE

An email will be sent to your Clarity Partner inviting them to help you stay on track. They can accept or decline your invitation, and we'll let you know via push notifications on your phone and email when they confirm either way.

*We currently do not send any SMS messages to your clarity partners phone or make any phone calls.

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