How do I charge my glucometer?

How do I know when my glucometer's battery is low?

When your iHealth glucometer's the battery reaches 20% or below, a red battery icon will appear next to Blood Glucose on the home screen of the Noteworth App, letting you know that you need to plug in your glucometer to charge. Your charger would have come inside of your accessories pack which would have been originally inside your Noteworth Box. 

On the glucometer itself, Er0 will appear for three seconds to indicate that it is low on power. You must charge the battery before using the glucometer again. 

After three seconds, the glucometer will shut off automatically and it will not take readings until it has been charged again.

What if my battery is completely drained?

Full charging is recommended for 2-4 hours. The battery will drain completely if you forget to charge it as recommended or if your glucometer is not used for a lengthy period of time.

The glucometer will save your readings even when the battery is completely drained.

Important: If battery is completely drained, fully charge the battery and launch the Noteworth App to sync the glucometer before using it again.

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