How do I take a blood oxygen reading with my pulse oximeter?

This article explains how to take an oxygen reading with your pulse oximeter device from iHealth.

1. Open your Noteworth Connect App and navigate to the homepage.

You might need to swipe right or left on the middle of the screen 

2. Make sure your bluetooth is turned on on your phone.

(How to enable Bluetooth for  iOSAndroid).

3. Tap on ADD A READING task

These tasks live in the tool called "Oxygen Saturatrion, and you can see the task at the bottom of the screen. 

4. To pair your pulse oximeter with your phone do the following:

  • Press the start button on your pulse oximeter.
  • Tap "Next" on the mobile app.

5. To start measuring your oxygen saturation do the following:

  • Place the device on your finger. 
  • Press the start button again on the device.  
  • Tap "Next" on the mobile app.

6. Remove the device from your finger once you see "Success".

7. You will see your SpO2 (blood oxygen level) and heart rate readings filled out.

Select your symptoms, triggers, mood, and activity. 


You did it!!

Once you have saved your reading, you will see the home screen with the readings you took today on a graph. You have successfully entered your reading!

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