How do I use my Glucometer lancing device?

This article describes how to use your lancing device to take a blood sugar test.

Preparing your lancing device

  • Please make sure that you wash your hands prior to starting to use your Glucometer for the best results.
  • Before you can take your first blood glucose reading, we must first prepare your lancing device, found in the Accessories pouch. 
  • Follow the instructions in the Noteworth app, as seen below:

Use your lancing device by following 3 steps.

1. Take the cap off the lancing device. 

2. Insert a new lancet into the lancet device, as seen in the picture.

3. Twist off the blue safety cap on the tip of the lancet after you insert the needle into the device.

4. Replace the cap on the lancet

5. Twist the cap to set the lancet depth.

6. Twist the bottom until it clicks to

  1. replace the lancet cap
  2. twist the cap to set the lancet depth
  3. Twist the bottom until it clicks to engage the lancet

Note: The lancet can be used multiple times before it becomes dull and needs to be replaced. To dispose of a dull lancet, remove the cap of the lancing device and hold it over a wastebasket or sharps container. Slide the disposer button toward the lancet to release.

Now that your lancing device has been loaded and is ready to use, let's connect your Glucometer and activate your test strips. You can follow the guided instruction in the Noteworth App to complete a reading.

Note: BG5S uses EGS-2003 & EGS-2043 strips.

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