How to use/navigate the Noteworth Connect app

This article explains how to get around the Noteworth Connect app, making it easy to send information & stay connected with your doctor.

From the home screen, you can

  1. Tap to see your Profile, Settings, and find Support
  2. Swipe to see a new tool
  3. Swipe to see a new task
  4. Tap "Explore" to see your data
  5. Swipe down to refresh your data

The image below shows you where to tap and swipe your way to success with the app. 

Feel free to play around; you won't break anything!

Home View

When you log into your app for the first time, you will see this main screen with the tool, task card, explore, and profile/settings/support. 

1. Tap to see your Profile, Settings, and find Support

Check out our article on how to update your profile information

From this view, you can tap

MY TASKS to see what you need to do next. 

Or tap "SETTINGS" to modify your app settings or access our patient support center. 

2. Swipe to see a new tool

Your doctor wanted you to use Noteworth to share specific information or meet online with a video visit. Depending on the information your doctor wants, you may have several "tools" to use in the app.

For example, if you are in a program focused on diabetes prevention or treatment, you will probably have one "tool" or screen in the app for tracking your glucose or blood sugar (with your glucometer) and one "tool" or screen to measure your weight (with your scale). You would swipe left and right on the middle of the screen to see these. 

Swipe left or right to get to the next tool. 

Different tools will have different screens that will show data or what you need to do next. 

3. Swipe to see a new task on your task cards

At the bottom of your home screen, you will see a card below the words YOUR TASKS.

You can swipe left and right to see your next task. 

Note: tasks are linked to specific tools. That means you may not see all your tasks just by swiping the task card. 

You can tap the profile picture (see #1).

4. Tap EXPLORE to see your data. 

Below your task card, you'll see the EXPLORE button. Tap that to explore your data and the requirements for that tool.

For example, if you are looking at the weight tool, you can tap explore to see the data in more detail. 

The list view shows your weight readings in a list. Tap VIEW on any weight reading to see the details.

The graph view shows you the data horizontally, so you can see more of the graph. 

You can click VIEW SUMMARY on the right of the screen to see more detail.

Finally, you can tap TASKS on the EXPLORE page to see the tasks associated with this tool. 

Now you can tap the back arrow on the top left to go back to your main window.

5. Swipe down to refresh your data

From the home view on your app, or when you see any tool, just swipe down to refresh your data. 

Need more help? 

If you still need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Noteworth at You can also select " Contact Noteworth Support" in the settings page on your app to email Noteworth directly from your smartphone.
If you run into trouble, you can always call our support line: 888-983-1673
We are available for live support from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET.

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