How do I take a weight reading on my iHealth Scale?

This article explains how to take a weight reading on your iHealth scale and save the data in your Noteworth app.

1. Open the App

Launch the Noteworth App on your smartphone and login with your information.

Swipe left or right or left on the middle of your screen until you see the weight management tool. 

2. Tap "Take your weight reading" in tasks to take a reading

At the bottom of the screen, you may see a task instructing you to take your weight measurement. 

3. Prepare your scale

Make sure your scale is on a flat level surface.

Tap NEXT on your app at the bottom of the screen

6. Tap your scale

Once your scale is awake, tap NEXT on your app. Then the app will search for your scale.

7. Take your reading

Now you can get onto the scale. Stand with both feet on the scale and wait for your weight to be measured.

You will see a screen on your app that tells you the device is measuring your weight. 

Once your weight is logged, you'll see a success screen! Yay.

8. Add additional information then tap SAVE READING

Your doctor may request additional information about how you're feeling. Please fill out all of the information to complete (log) your reading. 


Your reading is saved!

Then you will see your weight measurements as data in your Weight tool homescreen.

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