How do I report taking a medication in the app?

Your doctor may ask you to report taking your medication. The Noteworth app makes it easy to keep track of whether you have taken your medications or not. You can even set up reminders to take your medication

This article explains the steps to log your medication in the Noteworth App.

Swipe right or left until you see the words "Medication Management" toward the top of your screen.

Step 2. Tap the task "Add a Reading"

This is at the bottom of your screen, just above the word "Explore". You will see task reminders to take your medication. 

Step 3. Select medications

The medications you should take at this time of day should be selected. Tap the medication to get more information, or tap TAKE to indicate you have taken the prescribed medication.

Step 4. Confirm

Next you will see a confirmation screen. Tap TAKE.

Great work. Your medication has been logged

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