Tips on getting an accurate glucose reading

Want to know how to get an accurate glucose reading with your iHealth Glucometer? Follow these easy tips.

Wash and dry your hands

Please make sure that you wash and dry your hands prior to starting to use your Glucometer. If your hands are dirty or wet, that contaminates the sample and makes the reading inaccurate. 

Use fresh test strips 

Your test strips will expire 90 days after opening.They become degraded by moisture in the air. It is very important to use fresh, un-expired strips.

Store your test strips well

Make sure to keep your test strips in a dry place at room temperature.

Use your test strips correctly

Use your test strip immediately after getting it out of the bottle. You should shake the strip out of the bottle, instead of putting your finger inside the bottle. 

You can only use iHealth Glucometer test strips. You can re-order test strips right in the app. 

Never reuse your test strip.

Perform a control solution test

Please follow the guide provided by iHealth to learn about how and when to perform the control solution test. There are a few reasons that you should perform a control solution test:

  • When you first receive and set up your Glucometer
  • Once per week after setup to ensure that your meter and test strips are working correctly
  • Anytime you suspect there may be an issue with your device or test strips 
  • Anytime you suspect your test results are not correct

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