How do I set a medication reminder?

This article describes how to set a reminder to take your mediation. 

Setting a reminder to take your medication on time, every time, is important to achieve the health goals you and your doctor are working towards. 

Step 1. Log in to your app.

From your home screen on your phone, log into the Noteworth Connect app.

Step 2. Swipe until you see "Medication Management"

Swipe left on the middle of your screen to scroll through the tools until you see "Medication Management."


Step 4. Tap EDIT on the medication

Step 5. Tap the time listed 

In the case below, it says 6:04.


Step 6. Set the new reminder time

Use the scrolling wheel to set the new time that you want the notification to arrive on your phone.

Step 7. Tap DONE

Then tap DONE next to the words Set Reminder in the middle of the screen.

Step 8 Tap SAVE

Congratulations!! Your reminder is now set for a new time.

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