Tips for success tracking your activity

This article shares tips and ideas to help you track your activity using the Noteworth Connect app. 

1. Allow notifications and reminders.

If you don't like reminders from us, then perhaps you can write down your activities on whatever calendar you use. It could be paper, or a reminder on your phone. Just set yourself up for success. 

2. Remember, just tracking your activity will help you move more.

The act of just measuring how much you work out will help focus your attention. 

3. Add extra exercises manually if you forget to use the app. 

You won't be able to set the time earlier than the present, but you can at least record the activity. Add in the "notes" section when you did that activity.

4. Get an activity buddy!

Friends make fitness fun! If you find a friend to work out with, even if it's just going for a walk, then you are much more likely to complete that activity. Working out with friends gives us accountability. 

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