How do I find and read patient education articles?

This article explains how to find and read Patient Education articles.

Step 1. Go to your Patient Education tool

Sign in to the Noteworth Connect app. Then swipe right or left in the middle of the screen until you see the Patient Education tool, like in the image below. 

Step 2. Tap the task at the bottom of the screen

You can also tap VIEW ALL or the middle of your screen to see a list of articles for you to read. 

Step 3. Read the article and follow any links.

Many articles link to other essential information. Follow the links as you find them to learn the most.

Step 4. Share the article with your networks

If you want to share the article with people you know, click the icon on the screen's top right. It looks like the three circles connected by two lines.

Step 5. Tap CLOSE

When you finished reading by scrolling to the bottom, tap CLOSE at the top left of your screen.


Now you're up to speed with patient education

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