Troubleshooting your blood pressure device & tool

Check out the frequently asked questions below to find answers to common issues.

Why does the display read "Abnormal Result"?

Don’t worry. This error means that the device was unable to provide a proper reading. Take a look at the chart below to see what the possible reasons and solutions would be.

Display reads an abnormal result The monitor position was not correct or it was not properly tightened Review the monitor application instructions and retest
  Body posture was not correct during testing Review body posture instructions and retest
  Speaking, moving wrist or body, being angry, excited or nervous during test Retest when calm, avoid speaking or movement during the test

Why does my display read "ERROR"?

There could be multiple causes as to why the iHealth Blood Pressure monitor might display the word "ERROR". Please look at the table below for the most common causes and solutions.

Display reads “ERROR” Blood pressure is outside of measurement range Retest, make sure your blood pressure is within measurement range
  Wrist or monitor was moved during test Retest, make sure not to move your wrist or the monitor during measurement
  The monitor does not inflate properly or pressure falls quickly during test Review the monitor placement and arm angling instructions and retest.
  Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) People with serious arrhythmia should not use this monitor. Please check with your physician if you have any questions or concerns.
  The monitor was not properly applied Review the monitor placement and arm angling instructions and retest.

Why is the screen blank and not responding?

No response 
Incorrect operation or strong electromagnetic interference Press the START/STOP button about 10 seconds to reset the device, relaunch the app, and reconnect the mobile device to the monitor.

How do I charge my blood pressure monitor?

When your blood pressure monitor drops below 25%, it should be charged to ensure that it works properly and records accurate readings. Below are the colors that indicate when you should charge it and when you can stop charging it. To charge your blood pressure monitor, attach it to the USB cord that accompanied the device in your Noteworth Box and attach the USB cord into a power source. 

Monitor Status Status Indicator
Charging Flashing green light
Fully charged Steady green light
Low battery Flashing red light (for a few seconds)
Abnormal state Steady red light

What do the flashing lights mean? 

If you see flashing lights on your blood pressure monitor, the color of the light will tell you what it means.

Flashing blue light- Waiting to Connect to your phone

Steady blue light- Device is connecting and taking a measurement

Gradually extinguishing light- The measurement is completed and you can disconnect 

How do I stop a reading?

You are able to stop your blood pressure reading at any time during a reading. Press that START/STOP button on your blood pressure cuff at any time and the reading being taken will end.

Why is my monitor not turning on when I put it on my arm?

Make sure that you have pressed the START/STOP button to turn on the monitor. If you have pressed the START/STOP button and the monitor still does not start, charge the monitor. Here is how to charge your blood pressure device.

Who can use the iHealth blood pressure monitor?

The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for adults. It should not be used on infants, young children, pregnant or pre-eclamptic patients, in addition to people with serious arrhythmia.

What does my heart rate measure?

Your blood pressure cuff also measures your heart rate. Your heart rate is a measure of how many times your heart beats per minute. Another word to describe heart rate is "pulse", and you may hear these terms interchangeably. 

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