Troubleshooting your scale

Below you will find answers to common issues using the iHealth bluetooth scale.

Why does my scale say error?

If your iHealth Lite wireless scale is showing an error, see the chart below for possible causes and solutions. 

“Er 0” The scale failed to initialize Remove the batteries, wait for one minute, then reinstall.
“Er 1”  Maximum weight has been exceeded The maximum weight allowed is 400 lbs/180 kgs.
“Er 2”   The Scale can't capture a steady reading 1. Allow the Scale to shut off completely before tying again 
2. Place feet on the center of glass platform and try again
“Er 4”  Bluetooth connection error Reset the Bluetooth connection by turning it off and on in your moble device settings
“Er 9”  Scale memory access error Remove the batteries, wait for one minute, then reinstall.

How long do the batteries last in my scale?

The battery life in your scale is approximately 3 months when using the scale two times per day. 

The scale requires 4 1.5V AAA batteries. 

To change the batteries in your scale, gently flip the scale over onto its back. There is a circle with a latch on it in the center of the scale. Open the latch and remove the old batteries. Insert the new batteries into the scale and snap the latch back into place. Flip the scale over and make sure that the low battery prompt has gone away. You have successfully changed the batteries on your scale! 

What surface should I use my scale on?

In order to get the most accurate readings, you should place your scale on a hard, flat surface. Avoid placing the scale on carpet as this could cause inaccurate readings. 

Why is my scale not turning on?

If your iHealth Lite wireless scale is not turning on, check to make sure that all of the batteries are inserted and the polarities (+ and –) are facing the correct way in the battery the scale.

If the batteries are dead you will need to replace them. The iHealth Lite wireless scale requires four 1.5V AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for this product.

The Scale also has an automatic shutdown feature to conserve battery powers. The following scenarios will cause the Scale to go into automatic shutdown mode: 

  1. One minute after finishing a successful weigh-in
  2. The battery level is too low to capture an accurate weight reading

Why does the bluetooth symbol keep flashing?

If your Bluetooth icon won't stop flashing when using the iHealth Lite wireless scale, i.e. it is turning on and off or will not connect, see the chart below for a possible cause and solution. 

Bluetooth icon on the Scale display won't stop flashing Bluetooth connection failed Make sure Bluetooth is enabled, the Scale is turned on, and the app is running. If the problem persists, restart the mobile device and try again.


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