What is blood oxygen tracking?

Using the blood oxygen tracking tool on your Noteworth Connect app helps you share your health information with your doctor or health coach. 

You will use a simple device to test how much oxygen is in your blood, which is called pulse oximetry or oxygen saturation testing. Sometimes, Oxygen saturation is also called "SpO2". 

Why should I track my blood oxygen using Noteworth?

As part of your health and wellness program, your doctor or care team may ask you to track your oxygen saturation. This will help your care team monitor your health and recovery by keeping track of how much oxygen is in your blood. 

For example, if you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) your doctor may want to know your oxygen saturation levels to monitor your progress at improving your breathing. 

What can I do with the Blood Oxygen Saturation tool? 

  1. Take a blood oxygen reading with your pulse oximeter.
  2. Connect or reconnect your pulse oximeter to bluetooth.
  3. Enter a manual oxygen reading (without the bluetooth connection)
  4. See what your oxygen readings look like in the app

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