Troubleshooting your Oxygen Saturation device

Read below to find answers to common issues with the iHealth oxygen saturation tracking device. 

My pulse oximeter device does not turn on.

If your pulse oximeter device will not turn on, try charging it using the USB cable that came in your Noteworth box.

If charging the device does not work, please contact us at Noteworth Help and we will work to get you a new device. 

How do I clean my Pulse Oximeter device?

It is recommended to clean your pulse oximetry device once per week. To clean, swab the inside of the device with a cotton swab or soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. Do not pour the rubbing alcohol onto the device. Pour a small amount of the rubbing alcohol onto the cloth before use. 

Is my Pulse Oximeter waterproof?

No. Your iHealth pulse oximeter is not waterproof. If it does get wet, wipe it immediately with a dry towel. 

Why is "E1" on the screen of my pulse oximeter?

"E1" shows up on the screen when the sensor in the pulse oximeter is damaged. If you see the code "E1", please contact Noteworth Customer Service and we will get you a new device.

What should I do if my pulse oximeter is not showing any results after performing the test?

When this happens, it is usually because your finger was not inserted correctly into the pulse oximeter. Try re-inserting your finger and making sure to place your finger in the device nail side down and to keep your finger very still during the reading. Complete another reading to get the correct results. See below for more details on how to correctly insert your finger into the pulse oximeter. 

My pulse oximeter won't connect to bluetooth.

The pulse oximeter will connect to Bluetooth once you have placed your finger into the device. The device does not automatically connect like many other devices do. 

Do you need additional support?

If you still need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Noteworth at You can also select " Contact Noteworth Support" in the settings page on your app to email Noteworth directly from your smartphone.

If you run into trouble, you can always call our support line: 888-983-1673

We are available for live support from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.

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