Submit your information with Forms

This article explains how to submit a form.

Step 1. Go to your home screen.

If you tap on the word "Questionnaire," or the document name, you will see a list of available forms to complete. That list looks like the image below:

Tap on the form you want to fill out.

Step 2. Alternatively, tap on the task card at the bottom of the Forms tool screen.

Step 3: Fill out all of the information

Step 4. Tap NEXT.

Step 5. Continue adding information.

There may be several screens to which you need to add information.

Step 6. Approve you understand any terms and conditions involved in your treatment or submission of the form.

To do this you must tap the check box next to the text and then add your name (or the name of the parent/guardian).

Then select today's date by tapping the arrow on the right of the words "TODAY'S DATE."

Step 7. Tap SUBMIT

That's it. Now your care team has all the information they required from you to begin or continue your treatment.

*Important notes*

  • Once you submit your form, you cannot go back and change your answers. 
  • If you need to change your answers, please contact Noteworth support. 

Do you need additional support?

If you still need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Noteworth at You can also select " Contact Noteworth Support" in the settings page on your app to email Noteworth directly from your smartphone.

If you run into trouble, you can always call our support line: 888-983-1673

We are available for live support from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.

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